Meet Sally, Chapter’s Creative Wellbeing Coach

What inspired you to join Chapter? I had been working in community-based mental health for a while doing one-off courses and liked the idea of working long term with clients where I could really see a difference to peoples development and changes in their mental health and I knew Chapter did this kind of support […]

Wendy Chapter's Wellbeing Coach

Meet Wendy, Chapter’s Determined Wellbeing Coach

What inspired you to join Chapter? I have spent my working life and my studies in the area of mental health and especially like working in the voluntary sector so when I found out about Chapter I was determined to get involved. What’s the best bit about your work? I joined Chapter in 2004 and […]

Why not try Journaling?

Journaling has experienced increasing popularity over the last few years and particularly since lockdown. Many people have experienced the pleasure in taking a break from their busy lives and the distractions of technology to spend some time in reflection and creativity, that a bit of time out spent sitting with a pen and a notebook […]

Chapter Challenge : November

Welcome to our new series called Chapter Challenges – mini monthly challenges to maximise your wellbeing. First up for November we’re getting creative in the kitchen to #LEARN something new and also #CONNECT with other Chapter Challengers. Let’s do this! Your NOVEMBER NOSH Challenge… To help you out with this first challenge we’re even going […]

Meet Claire, Our Wonderful Wellbeing Lead…

We’re rather proud of our awesome team at Chapter, so we thought it’s about time we shared! Next up, here’s Claire our wonderful Wellbeing Lead: What inspired you to join Chapter? I am passionate about helping people overcome barriers and achieve their potential and Chapter is a small charity doing big things for people who […]

Meet Emma …

We’re rather proud of our awesome team at Chapter, so we thought it’s about time we shared! First up, here’s Emma our wonderful Wellbeing Coach: What inspired you to join Chapter? Chapter found me really! I wanted to help people and found a leaflet during lockdown 2020 and started volunteering. I am fascinated with happiness […]

I Was Feeling Lost…

Have you ever felt lost in life? I sure have, and sometimes sharing how you feel with someone you know just seems impossible. Perhaps you don’t want to worry them. Maybe you’re worried about how they’d react. Or perhaps they might not even understand. So what should you do?

Well, maybe you should try Chapter.

Here’s the story from one of our recent participants on our Coronavirus Wellbeing Coaching programme who really benefitted from talking to us:


Why did you get in touch with Chapter?

I was struggling with a couple of issues and I was feeling lost about how to deal with them. So I knew I needed to talk to someone.

How easy was it to get in touch?

I was introduced to Chapter through my Doctors. Then everything was put into motion very quickly.

What support did you receive?

Chapter helped me by letting me talk through how I was feeling, and how I wanted to change things in my life. Then each week we set up a plan of action. Every week my confidence and self-belief grew.

How are things now?

Things are good. I feel confident and positive in the changes I’m making in my life and I’m excited about future projects and future travel plans.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about contacting Chapter for support?

Do not hesitate to contact Chapter for support. I didn’t think I had the confidence or strength within me to change things in my life, but since talking with them my life is changing for the better. That is how Chapter helped me and I can’t thank them enough.

The Chapter Team X 

If you’re thinking you could use some support with your mental health contact us today.

We’ve made it easier than ever to get in touch. Simply fill out a self-referral form and tell us about your mental health experience.

To learn more about the support we offer click here.

Chapter CHANGE – Amy’s Story

Often taking the first step to getting support is the scariest. That’s why we’ve teamed up with our incredible supporters to share their own stories. We’re calling it Chapter Change. It’s hard not to be inspired by their strength in sharing their experiences. We hope if you need a little help with your mental health […]