Meet Alison, One of Chapter’s Grants Fundraisers!

What inspired you to join Chapter? I’ve always been passionate about promoting positive mental health and well-being and love Chapter’s community-based approach. It’s an exciting time as Chapter is growing and providing new services to support even more people. Joining Chapter also gave me the opportunity to move back home to Cheshire after ten years […]

Meet Wren, Chapter’s Marketing Assistant!

What inspired you to join Chapter? I have always really wanted to find a career where I could be part of somewhere that worked towards positive goals and helped people. Mental health has been very prevalent in my own life and in my family and friends, so finding Chapter was a wonderful opportunity that perfectly […]

Move More May

With the world outside of our houses slowly and steadily opening back up, there’s no better time to try and get yourself moving! May is national fitness month, and we here at Chapter have come up with our 30 Somethings in 30 Days to help us and you get active! We’ll be working through it […]

Woman in front of window doing a sit up on a yoga mat

The Workout Parent – Exercise on us!

Being a working parent is hard, and over the past year, it’s gotten even harder. Working from home has meant we rarely get a break from both work and family, barely having a moment to ourselves, and it’s hard to stay active trying to juggle work and kids sometimes.  However! Here at Chapter, we’re kicking […]

Chapter Community Garden Project

April 2021 Newsletter We are moving forward with plans and still need you, the residents, to keep on talking with us to make sure we get this right. As lockdown eases over the coming months and the weather improves I hope to be able to talk more freely with you but we still have to […]


Make a Change March #Learn

This month we’re focused on how we can #LEARN and positively push our potential. Research shows that learning new skills can also improve your mental wellbeing by1: boosting self-confidence and raising self-esteem helping you to build a sense of purpose helping you to connect with others Get started today… We know getting started on something […]

Community Garden


FEBRUARY 2021 NEWSLETTER Welcome to our second newsletter where we can capture and share your thoughts on the community garden project. Please remember there is no set agenda for the site. It really is about listening to you, the residents, and to see if there is a common aim of improving wellbeing in your area. […]

Meet Sue, Chapter’s Inspiring Wellbeing Coach

What inspired you to join Chapter? I have always felt passionate about empowering people to achieve their aspirations however small or grand they might be. I have a strong belief in people and their ability to find hope and success. I think people deserve to feel valued and worthy of support and time. What’s the […]


Meet Fred, Chapter’s Wellbeing Training Facilitator

What inspired you to join Chapter? I was looking for a new challenge when I saw the role of Wellbeing Training Facilitator advertised. It seemed tailor-made for me! Delivering mental health and wellbeing training and consultancy to organisations perfectly complements my existing work as a self-employed trainer & speaker and through the CIC I run […]


Meet Janice, Chapter’s Finance Guru

What inspired you to join Chapter? I joined Chapter because the hours were ideal for me whilst studying for an Open University degree. What inspires me to stay since graduating, is being part of such an amazing, caring, creative, and compassionate team who work so hard to reach out to people who need support. What’s […]