The Haven Newsletter: August 2021

Welcome to our fifth newsletter.

It has been quiet on The Haven over summer, and the grass has grown high; but I think we all needed some time and space to reflect on the past 18 months and to adapt to moving forward at our own pace.

I just have a few updates to share this month.

Two of these fabulous wheelchair accessible raised beds are on order and should be with us soon.

Now that Chapter have secured a good amount of money for new accessible pathways at The Haven we are looking for a contractor to deliver your ideas.
And finally, a noticeboard will be delivered soon which was very kindly funded by Cllr Mike Edwardson.

Last Time’s Quiz Answers – How Did You Do?

Which flower’s name comes from the Ancient Greek word for star? – Aster

What common name was dianthus barbatus given to honour the Duke of Cumberland’s victory at the Battle of Culloden? And, in contrast, what name do the Scots sometimes call the weed noxious ragwort also in memory of the infamous Duke? – Sweet William and Stinking Billy

Which plant, widespread in Britain, if touched causes a serious chemical reaction which makes skin hypersensitive to ultraviolet light? – Giant hogweed

What is the common name forsalixbabylonica? – Weeping willow

Which flower is also the goddess of the rainbow in Greek Mythology? – Iris

Most species of eucalyptus are native to which country? – Australia

True or false. Ericaceous plants like acid soil? – True

Who designed theBlue Peter Garden in 1974? – Percy Thrower

The Avenue of the Baobabs is a group of famous trees in which African country? – Madagascar

Which garden in the Cotswolds is notable for its miles of sculptured hedges? – Hidcote

True or false. Tulips were once so valuable in Holland that their bulbs were worth more than gold? – True

Which king created the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? – Nebuchadnezzar II

Please do check out our website.

Chapter are here to support residents across Cheshire
West who may be struggling with their mental health. We offer support by telephone,
zoom, face to face and in group settings Your Journey Starts Here… Chapter Services for Individuals


A new, online, weekly support zoom starts on 13 September
for new parents. As part of this new project, we have gift bags
to give away for free. If you know of a new parent who would
appreciate a tote filled with nice goodies please let us know on
01244 344409.

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See You Again Next Month!

Sam x

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