Our RE:SET programme offers a series of weekly workshops aimed at supporting you to better manage your mental health and wellbeing.

Through each workshop you will learn techniques and strategies to better manage your wellbeing, develop resilience, and help you to feel confident about staying well.

Get your life back on track with RE:SET!

What will we explore during the workshops?

A range of topics and areas of wellbeing will be covered, including:

  • Managing anxiety and identifying behaviours that may be fuelling your anxiety
  • Understanding negative thinking styles and how to manage them
  • Exploring self-care and and how lifestyle choices impact our wellbeing
  • Looking after yourself on a practical, social and emotional level
  • Explore key areas that impact our health including sleep, nutrition and money matters
  • Explore your personal strengths and what areas and how to secure longer-term happiness
  • Learn how to set manageable goals and becoming more of the type of person you would like to be with a clearer focus for the future

How are the workshops delivered?

To meet the needs of people who access our services, workshops will either be delivered online or face-to-face when possible. Please check the RE:SET workshop calendar to find out how they will be delivered, or contact Chapter Mental Health if you are unsure.

When are workshops being delivered?

Courses run throughout the year across Cheshire please get in touch to find out when the next course is running. Please submit a referral to Chapter or contact us for more information.

To access virtual workshops you will need access to the internet via a PC/Laptop/tablet or smartphone. We encourage people to switch their video on to get the most out of the workshops, but if you’d prefer to join with audio only that’s ok. For face-to-face workshops, you may find a pen and paper useful for some group activities.

I’m a bit unsure of group work

We know that not everyone finds group work easy, particularly when we’re not feeling our best. Our sessions are delivered by an experienced wellbeing facilitator and are relaxed and friendly. Many people find the series of workshops offer peer-support which can be an invaluable source of support.

I don’t have internet access or struggle with virtual activities

No problem! We’d be happy to help in anyway we can. Contact us on 01244 344 409 to discuss how we can help make these workshops accessible for you. For people without internet access who would prefer to access face-to-face workshops when these restart, you can select this option when completing a self-referral form.

How do I register?

To access RE:SET you can complete an online referral. Chapter accepts self-referrals and referrals from professional working with individuals affected by mental ill-health.


— Chapter service user