Meet James Chapter’s new Mental Health and Wellbeing Coach

What inspired you to join Chapter? I have an interest in all areas concerning Mental Health and I was really interested in the style of support and range of services that Chapter provide. What’s the best bit about your work? Seeing the positive changes in service users lives and the fantastic staff I work with. […]

#StrongWords June – Donia Youssef

At Chapter, our Strong Words series empowers people to tell their mental health stories and inspire others who may be having a similar experience with their wellbeing.

Find your community

Lockdown has been difficult, especially when it comes to socialising, so Chapter have compiled a list of groups – online, local, specific or general – for you all to check out!

Jump Start January

To get 2021 started the way that we all deserve this month we’re focusing on ‘Jump Starting’ our January by moving more.

Pick-Me-Up in a Pack?

A mini pack of positivity to be placed on our service users’ doorsteps. Inside we included a few things that’ll give your wellbeing a boost.

Give Someone a Pick-me-Up

In Dec, we’ve been focusing on giving others a Pick-Me-Up. We know how good it feels when someone takes the time to show us a kind gesture.

Chapter Challenge : November

This November, we’re getting creative in the kitchen to learn something new and connect with others taking part.

Chapter CHANGE – Amy’s Story

Often taking the first step to getting support is the scariest. That’s why we’ve teamed up with our incredible supporters to share their own stories. We’re calling it Chapter Change.