Pick-Me-Up in a Pack?

Many emails ago Team Chapter felt they needed to do more for our service users in this challenging time. Sure, we’d all been reaching out as best as we ‘virtually’ could but a telephone hug kinda sucks and pouring a cup of tea through our laptops wasn’t working out too well!

So, we hit on an idea, could we actually ‘do something’ in the ‘real world’ to show how much we care? We were all pretty excited to make it happen.

And so the ‘pick-Me-Up’ pack was born! A mini pack of positivity, to be placed on our lovely service users doorsteps. Inside we included a few small things that we hoped would give your wellbeing a little boost. Plus some handy worksheets to help you kickstart some healthy habits and reach out for any extra support you might need but didn’t know about.

Our Pick-Me-Up Pack goodies

It was a great feeling for the whole team to be rallying together to do something that had so much meaning for us. We all jumped in to ‘do our bit’ and make it happen. Picking, packing, delivering, Amazon had nothing on us!

“We just wanted to let you all know we’re here for you and together we’ve got this” – Team Chapter

Team Chapter giving Amazon a run for it’s money!
Sam our Community Garden Coordinator out on delivery!

In total, the team delivered over 150 packs across Chester and Cheshire West to all of our active service users. And it was such a wonderful experience to be greeted with smiles, strength, and such positivity.

A big thank you to all of the team for making it happen and to you for your kind words and togetherness.

Why we do what we do 🙂

Much Love, Team Chapter X

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