Welcome to our first newsletter where we can capture and share your thoughts on the community garden project. Please remember there is not set agenda for the site. It really is about listening to you, the residents, and to see if there is a common aim of improving wellbeing in your area. Happy Festivus. Sam


I hope you enjoyed your little gift from Chapter that was delivered earlier this month. If you would like to see these repeated next year, maybe with an Easter or Summer theme, please let me know.

If you would prefer to talk to me about your ideas for this project, please call me on 01244 344409

Tidy Up Days

Join me on Saturday 30 January and Saturday 27 February between 10am and 1pm for a tidy up of the site. We saw a massive improvement this year after the digger visited from the council but some pesky brambles and weeds have popped up to say hello again!

I will provide black bags for rubbish and a smile. If you can wear protective gloves and suitable footwear we will burn off some Christmas calories and keep the site looking spick and span. No need to book. Just turn up.

Competition Zone

We are still listening to residents’ feedback on how the site could be used but need your help to rename it. Please email your entries (submit as many times as you like) to by 31 January 2021. In our February newsletter we will list all of your suggestions and YOU can vote on your favourite.

Save the Dates

The Woodland Trust has donated native hedgerow species of crabapple, hawthorn and dogwood to the project along with rowan, hazel, cherry and eating apple trees. We aim to dig these in 26 and 27 March 2021. If you would like to volunteer your time to help plant the hedgerows and trees, please contact me on 01244 506270. All ages welcome.

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me after reading my introduction letter and mood board ideas. Here are some of your suggestions/concerns.

  • Keeping the site secure
  • Fully support this as long as it is disability-friendly
  • Increased noise levels
  • Don’t need another play park
  • Covered area to sit/stand if it rains
  • Allocate space for quiet reflection/memories
  • Storage shed for tools is needed
  • Raised beds to work on – accessible for all
  • Lack of consultation about the space
  • Becoming a community garden
  • Plant fruit trees to help the land to drain
  • Getting to the gates is a challenge – need a firm path
  • Seating dotted around the site

Other Green News

Some of you have mentioned having a wildflower area planted in the space we have. The local council is asking for your views on their planting strategy. Read more here and suggest our space if you think it’s a good idea! The consultation closes 25 January 2021.

Environmental strategies consultation | Participate Now (

If you have BBC iplayer or other catch up services, you may find the Countryfile programme that aired on 29 November 2020 really interesting to watch. Entitled “Plant Britain”, the episode talks about how we can all get involved in planting trees and John Craven shows you how to plant the smallest forest on your windowsill!
BBC iPlayer – Countryfile – Plant Britain

And that’s a wrap for this year folks, Sam & Team Chapter X 

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