Sleep and your mental health

Studies show that getting a better nights sleep will improve your mental health, and here’s how you can improve both.

Homepage of JustGiving with the start fundraising banner at the centre

Set up a JustGiving page in just 5 steps

Fundraising is a great way to show you’re positive about mental health, so we’ve put together this simple guide to getting yourJustGiving page up and running.


Make a Change in March

Learning new skills can improve your wellbeing by boosting self-confidence, a sense of purpose and helping you to connect with others.

Why not try journaling?

Creativity is a form of mindfulness that can give our tired, constantly whirring brains a rest and takes us away from worry.

Feeling blue? Try green therapy

Green therapy (a fancy name for taking a walk in nature!) can reduce stress and anxiety, aid relaxation and boost self-confidence.