The Haven – Newsletter – June 2021

Welcome to our fourth newsletter and what a round up of change at the site!

Brambles Be Gone

Huge thanks to everyone who came down in May and helped to remove the brambles near the main gate. Not an easy task but you just got on with it. Many thanks to Ruth who provided chocolate cake!

New Hedgerow on Show

Have you seen the wonderful new hedgerow that was dug in by Qwest volunteers recently? 120 saplings have settled in nicely and we look forward to watching them grow and establish.
Huge thanks to Ruth who provided bacon butties and cake and to Brian who kindly let us water in the new plants using his very, very long hosepipe!

Community Donations

You are such a generous bunch! Recently a resident has donated plastic chairs and somebody else has given us garden ornaments. Alongside water supply, bacon butties and cakes we really can’t say THANK YOU enough. If anyone has a water butt going spare we will gladly take it off you. It’s great to repurpose items or give them a new home!

Quiz Corner

  1. Which flower’s name comes from the Ancient Greek word for star?
  2. What common name was dianthus barbatus given to honour the Duke of Cumberland’s victory at the Battle of Culloden? And, in contrast, what name do the Scots sometimes call the weed noxious ragwort also in memory of the infamous Duke? (Two answers required)
  3. Which plant, widespread in Britain, if touched causes a serious chemical reaction which makes skin hypersensitive to ultraviolet light?
  4. What is the common name forsalixbabylonica?
  5. Which flower is also the goddess of the rainbow in Greek Mythology?
  6. Most species of eucalyptus are native to which country?
  7. True or false. Ericaceous plants like acid soil?
  8. Who designed theBluePeterGarden in 1974?
  9. The Avenue of the Baobabs is a group of famous trees in which African country?
  10. Which garden in the Cotswolds is notable for its miles of sculptured hedges?
  11. True or false. Tulips were once so valuable in Holland that their bulbs were worth more than gold?
  12. Which king created the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?

Site Update…

Our fabulous funding team have secured a significant amount of money for The Haven. So our next step will be to identify a contractor who can build new pathways on the site to make it accessible for all. Then we can start to add planters etc. Happy days 🙂

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Here’s to another great month!


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