The Workout Parent

30 Days to Different…

Welcome to The Workout Parent a new project developed with funding from Sports England to enable working parents to get a well-deserved wellbeing boost.

If you’re craving a sense of community, a kick-start back to fitness, and some time-out read on…

Who’s it for?

There are lots of reasons why The Workout Parent might be a good fit for you, here’s just a few:

  • You can’t find the time to workout by yourself
  • You’ve let things slip over lockdown but can’t seem to get back to it
  • You’ve lost motivation to do your own online workouts
  • You’re missing working out with other people
  • You never push yourself hard enough when you train alone
  • You can’t seem to stick to a routine for your fitness
  • You’re not sure what exercises to do at home

If any of this sounds like you then don’t worry, you are certainly not alone, and we’re pretty sure The Workout Parent could help get you back on track this May.

How Does it work?

We’re looking for 15 working parents who would like to get back into fitness and work towards a personal sports-based goal in 2021.

You might want to tone up for a try at trail running, muster some muscle for a bit of mountain biking or strengthen your stride for an epic Summer stroll.

In return for your commitment over the month of May and June you’ll receive the following for FREE (subject to your application being successful):

  • Twice weekly LIVE online group coaching sessions to kick-start your May
  • Personalised SMART goal setting with your coach to keep you motivated and on-track
  • Innovative, fun, full-body workouts so you never get bored
  • Highly motivating coaching so you leave with a big smile every time
  • A coach who genuinely cares about you and your fitness goals
  • Personalised progressions or regressions for every move to keep you challenged and safe
  • Weekly 1:1 accountability check-ins to keep you on track and achieving your very best
  • An incredible community of like-minded people who support you all the way

When are the sessions?

The LIVE online sessions happen twice a week from May through to June. Alongside this, your coach will set a personal weekly movement goal for you to complete in your own time. As well as the option of 1:1 check-ins each week as you progress.

Every Tues and Thurs (during May/June)*

Session 1 – 18 May (Tues)
Session 2 – 20 May (Thurs)
Session 3 – 25 May (Tues)
Session 4 – 27 May (Thurs)
(Half-Term Holiday)
Session 5 – 8 June (Tues)
Session 6 – 10 June (Thurs)
Session 7 – 15 June (Tues)
Session 8 – 17 June (Thurs)

12pm – 12:45pm via ZOOM

*A commitment to attend all sessions is required to secure a free, funded place.

How do I qualify for a free place?

In order to qualify for the programme you should have the following 4 things:

  1. Be a working parent in need of some well-deserved wellbeing in the Cheshire (East & West) area*
  2. A commitment to make a change to your fitness this May and beyond
  3. Some previous experience of fitness training
  4. No serious injuries and or medical conditions

*Wirral & Flintshire area applications will also be considered, subject to place availability.

Count me in!

If you’re 100% ready to jump into 30 Days to Different please fill out the application* form by hitting the button. We’ll review your application and our coach will be in touch.

Application deadline: Sunday 9 May 2021

*Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis and subject to suitability.


Q. Do I need any equipment?

A. Nope, the workouts will be bodyweight-based. If you do have some equipment your coach will discuss how this could be added in as you progress.

Q. What do I need to get started?

A. To join you’ll need a laptop or ipad with a decent internet connection to log on to ZOOM. Using a mobile phone is not advised as it will be difficult to see and follow the workout and equally for the coach to best support you. Alongside this you’ll just need a little space to move around at a minimum a 2m x 2m space should work fine.

Q. I only get 30 mins for lunch can I still join?

A. We recommend completing the full 45min session to take advantage of the post-workout stretching (essential for a healthy and happy body). Have a chat with your employer about working an extra 15 mins at the end of the day – it’s only for May!

Q. I’m not very ‘sporty’ but I’d like to get fitter, is this for me?

A. The aim of the programme is jump-start ‘your’ fitness and what that exactly means is unique to you. You’ll work with your coach to set a personally meaningful goal that’s a challenge but also achievable for you.

Q. Do I have to be in sports gear for the twice-weekly sessions?

A. You’ll need to be in clothing that allows for movement and most essentially is comfortable for you. It’s also important to have footwear that will support your activity level in order to maximize the benefit of the workout and also reduce the risk of injury.

What that looks like is up to you. Your coach can chat this over with you before you begin.

Still, got something on your mind?

If you still have one last thing to work through before saying ‘YES’ drop our super-friendly Wellbeing Coach Michelle an email :