Our vision, mission and values

Our vision

Our vision is for communities where mental ill-health is no longer a barrier to opportunity, and where everyone is able to reach their potential and realise their aspirations.

Our mission

To be an innovative, forward-thinking mental health charity that supports individuals, communities and business to promote positive mental health.

Our values

Purpose – we deliver projects and activities with a purpose, where improved mental health is a by-product of meaningful activity.

Improvement – we recognise that success is achieved by embedding continuous improvement in all that we do. We’re not afraid to try new ideas and embrace innovation.

Collaboration – we build strong partnerships to achieve the best possible outcomes for the communities we serve.

Peer Support – we bring people together to share experience, skills and hope. We’re better together.

Respect – we show respect to others and value individuality. We believe that people are best placed to understand their needs and aspirations.

Our priorities for 2020/21


We will diversify our services and income streams to enable Chapter to support more people and have a wider impact on local communities. We will work with businesses to improve mental health at work while providing a source of income generation through the provision of training services. We will invest time in developing and piloting projects that may lead to income generation in the future.


We recognise that to succeed we must lead on innovation in mental health and ‘think outside the box’. Existing services will be re-designed to meet current needs and challenges. New services will be developed that place innovation and creativity at the heart of their design. We will build on our expertise and experience over the past 30 years, but not be held back by outdated approaches, models, frameworks and systems. We will be bold and not afraid to take managed risk.

Community Focused

Chapter has a long history working with and supporting local communities. We will build on this success by developing new links with local communities and embedding the organisation within local communities.

Raising Our Profile

In diversifying our services, Chapter recognises that it must raise its profile across Cheshire and the wider North West region. Across all functions, activities and events, we will aim to raise Chapter’s profile, building a reputable brand, recognised as a charity at the forefront of mental health. Building new networks aligned to our strategic plan we will consider brand awareness in all that we do.


Since its conception, Chapter has always developed and nurtured partnership working. Chapter recognises that it cannot be everything to everyone and aims to work in partnership with organisations that share similar values, particularly where this leads to better outcomes for the communities we serve. Chapter is always open to exploring new partnerships and collaborations and understands the importance of nurturing partnerships.