Meet Sue, Chapter’s inspiring wellbeing coach

What inspired you to join Chapter?

I have always felt passionate about empowering people to achieve their aspirations however small or grand they might be. I have a strong belief in people and their ability to find hope and success. I think people deserve to feel valued and worthy of support and time.

What’s the best bit about your work?

During my time with Chapter, I never fail to feel humbled and privileged in spending time with so many amazing, interesting and talented individuals. I feel inspired and motivated by them which gives me the impetus to carry on doing the work I value so much. Chapter has a great team on board, all with the same focus and intent to provide the best service we can in supporting our client group.

Team Chapter

Sue what’s your own wellbeing ‘go-to’?

I am finding Mindfulness a real boost, the more I practice the more I gain from it. It is something I can build in to my day anywhere and anytime. I absolutely love spending time with my gorgeous grandchildren all of whom enrich my life greatly. I like to get out for a walk as much as I can albeit only short walks. Autumn is my absolute favourite season so I relish every bit of it.

Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash

Tell us something unusual, or unexpected, about you that not many people would know.

I have been quite sporty in my time, doing things like competitive rowing and badminton. I did some fantastic white water rafting in Africa having spent a few months over there in Kenya and Uganda studying. I camped out in the Mara where the Masai tribe kept guard relentlessly to keep us safe from preying wildlife 🦁

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What’s your favourite inspirational quote for life?

Little things make big days!

What 3 things are you most grateful for?

Health, people and peace.

Lastly. What would you say to someone who’s thinking about contacting Chapter for support?

We understand it might seem like the hardest thing to do right now and it sometimes isn’t as simple as just picking up the phone and speaking to someone. Think of my quote above, little things make big days. Make today your big day!

Sue – Chapter Wellbeing Coach


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