New baby and not feeling yourself?

Having a new baby can be a roller coaster of emotions and finding a safe space to talk things over can be hard when you feel under pressure to be happy. If you’re not feeling yourself know that you are not alone. BUMP is a safe space where you can share what’s going on with people who understand.

I was nervous about meeting other mums, particularly as they all seemed to have had amazing experiences which definitely didn’t resonate with me, and at times I felt I was failing as a mum. I would have really appreciated a safe space like BUMP to talk to other parents who weren’t having the ‘fairytale’ experience.

— Bump service user

Who is it for?

For expectant parents and parents of a baby up to 12 months old who need support with their mental health. We have current service users who are male and female, from those expecting a baby to those with a new-born child.

What to expect:

  • Learn how to improve your mental resilience and cope better
  • One to one or group sessions
  • Connect with people who are feeling the same as you
  • Share what’s on your mind in a safe and non-judgemental space
  • Build a strong support network with people who understand
  • Find out about support available for parents in the local area

Register online today!

You can also join by contacting Chapter by email or telephone:

Email: info@chaptermentalhealth.org

Phone: 01244 344 409