Breathing Exercise Number 6

The current covid-19 crisis has understandably got many of us feeling stressed and anxious. One of things that we can all do to combat this whilst in lockdown is to try some breathing exercises, designed to help us relax, ease anxiety and clear our minds.

Over the next few days, we will be uploading 7 breathing exercises you can do at home, which you can turn to, to try and ease any anxiety brought on by the crisis.

The sixth exercise, perhaps more than any of our tips so far, is a bit unique! Again borrowing from pranayama yoga, the Lion’s breath technique might feel a bit silly at first, but helps relax and revitalise you, driving away negative thoughts. Ideally you want to kneel down with your legs crossed, but if this is uncomfortable you can sit cross legged. Put your hands on your knees, breath in deeply and exhale, whilst opening your mouth as wide as possible and stretch your tongue as far down your chin as you can. Don’t be afraid to vocalise as you exhale if it is comfortable. As you inhale, relax your face muscles, then repeat the process 5-7 times. If your ankles are crossed, change positions half way through the routine.


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