Breathing Exercise Number 2

The current covid-19 crisis has understandably got many of us feeling stressed and anxious. One of things that we can all do to combat this whilst in lockdown is to try some breathing exercises, designed to help us relax, ease anxiety and clear our minds.

Over the next few days, we will be uploading 7 breathing exercises you can do at home, which you can turn to, to try and ease any anxiety brought on by the crisis.

The second exercise is something often practiced by professional singers, called diaphragm breathing. If you put one hand on your chest and another under your ribcage, you will notice how both your stomach and chest move when you breathe in and out. Diaphragm breathing involves isolating your breathing, by using the muscle under your ribs – the diaphragm, and other stomach muscles. You will know you are doing it properly when your stomach is what moves when you breathe, rather than your chest.

Diaphragm breathing can reduce how much effort it takes to breathe in and out, which can be relaxing. Now it does take time to master this, ideally you should practice every day and at first you may feel tired after the exercise, but it gets easier with time.


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